Best Exercises to Build a Big Dick

How to Grow a Big and Thick PenisWould you like a bigger penis? Imagine what — you! Although we’ve all heard the expression, “Size doesn’t matter, if you’re insecure about your dick size, it can influence multiple elements of your own life. It can make you risky in the bedroom if you’re worried regarding the size of your manhood, but in other personal relationship, along with your professional life.

Understand Your Penis

Think again in case you believe you already understand your dick. It isn’t bone or muscle, however, it is a fine soft tissue. Growth development hormones supported its development during puberty. The way you can allow it to grow after puberty is by means of the non-normal penis enlargement exercise.

The Buck’s fascia, a tissue protects these cylinders that enfolds cylinders. Enlarging Buck’s fascia together with the cylinders will provide you with a larger dick. Larger dick comes from the foundation to the point, in length and girth, adding by growing it.

But first, what’s your dick size?

Measuring Your Dick: Have you any idea the best way to correctly measure your penis length?

· Measure 1. Put the point of your measuring device only tough enough against your pubic bone in order to feel it (the difficult component beneath your pubic hair). Holding quantify, your dick all the approach to the point, the top most part.

· Measure 2. Make use of a fabric measuring tape for a precise reading. Don’t follow a straight measurement from the point down to the pubic bone but quantify along bends and curves. In the event that you don’t have a fabric measuring tape, make use of a string as a replacement. Just assess the string by setting it against a rule, you used to get the length of your manhood.

Note: The pubic bone as the base to begin quantifying sets every measurement on an identical amount for every single guy particularly for heavier guys whose manhood seem smaller because of fat in the region.

· Measure 3. Girth measurement. Along the dick shaft, discover its thickest part while erect and wrap the measuring tape and take note of how many millimeters or centimeters is your girth size.

The Exercises

· Jelqing – Using an OK-hold, this organ exercise is powerful and straightforward. With your member somewhat erect stroke the dick shaft toward the glans up.

· Stretches – Stretching exercises are another member exercise ideal for newcomers, with versions which are ideal for member exercises that are advanced. It is likely that you’ve seen images of Kayan girls, in Thailand, who from an early start their necks to extend. This same principle applies to member stretches.

· Member Hangers – Member hangers are another stretches dick exercise. As the particular name indicates, you hang a weight and attach the apparatus, causing tension on the member. Testing provides you greater effects than just about any other penis enlargement hanger available on the market now and has proven the LG hanger shines in relaxation!

· Kegels – Although Kegels might not be member exercises especially geared for penis enlargement, they’re going to give you more powerful, tougher and more lasting erections! There are penis enlargement gains from Kegeling, thanks to the improved the flow of blood to the penis. Take a look at our post-Kegel Exercises for Men, for additional information.


By following these exercises you should see results of 2-3 inch growth in about 3 months. Results may vary based on body type, size and genes. Just make sure to follow the instructions correctly for maximum results.

Great Tips to Make Your Semen Taste Sweeter

lips-651368_640Is your semen a little tasty, delicious, bitter, disgusting or slightly sweet? Well you know better, these mixed up in taste could be the reason that your girl is avoiding to get down. In fact, these are the exact description that most women use to say about their men’s semen. So, how does semen really taste and is there ways that you can make your semen taste better?

To be honest, the natural taste for semen is slightly salty and a bit warm. However, some may opt to describe it as tasteless or slightly sweeter. In many men, semen can be excessively salty and in others bitter. This is because your semen is composed of cornucopia that has various nutrients like fructose, sodium, minerals, vitamins and protein.

There is no clear evidence that puts foods to various taste in semen, but you can be able to boost your semen taste by following the below tips. You can actually try them out and find out, if they will make your semen sweeter. Water is very important and it goes without saying that you need to take lots of water.

Water can absorb any toxins in your body and help clean your semen. Most of the semi fluid liquid that you ejaculate is composed of water, and if you do not have enough water in your system; you will have low semen and it will taste bad. You can drink eight glasses per day to improve semen’s taste and increase its volume. Drinking a lot of caffeine is also not ideal for semen.

Caffeine makes your semen taste bitter and since it is bitter, it can worsen the situation for your girl. If you have planned to have sex, you can try as much as possible not to take caffeine, it will spoil the moment. Alcohol, cigarettes, and any illegal drugs are number in making your semen taste bad.

The above things affect you overall health, and it is also logical to conclude that they contribute to the bitter sweet taste of your semen. If you want to make your semen sweeter, you ought to avoid cigarettes and any illegal drugs. If you drink alcohol in moderation, it cannot have any effect on your body but it does contribute to a bad taste on semen.

If you are a fan of red meat and dairy products, this is the reason why your semen is tasteless and bitter at the same time. You can go for fish, which has fatty acids that contribute a good taste in semen. You can also switch to vegetables as they are the best known way to improve semen taste.

There are other foods like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower you should avoid. Foods that have a strong smell like garlic can lead to your semen tasting salty. If you are fond of fast foods, you need to stop to have sweeter semen. You can instead eat cinnamon, pineapple juice, wheatgrass, lemon, peppermint and blueberries.

Lastly, you need to be clean; a clean body is more likely to result in a better tasting semen. So, you should get a good clean up daily and get checked for any disease. Good semen is healthy, tasty, relaxes and heals a woman.

Best Techniques to Go Down on Her

oral-sex-697938_640Sex is loved by more than 98% of all the people in the planet. It is number two in the few times a person feels completely satisfied. Depending on who you are with, it may be the only time you have an experience out of thing world. For men, they say, sex is like pizza, when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. For women however sex can be horrible. It is a subject that does not get enough lip service, pun intended but any girl will tell you for free that they do love it when the guy goes down on them. So how do you make your girl orgasm and want you even more? Here are a few tips to make you a pro.

Begin slowly

For women, sex does not need to rush. After all, for her all the great and exciting things take time. So do not be in a rush to get it over with. Making your movements slow and deliberate will make her even hornier because of the anticipation. Always remember that women like to be teased. Avoid being carried away and make you movements light, playful and intentional. Start by running your tongue along her inner thighs near the vaginal area without actually touching the vagina or clitoris.

Experiment with Pressure

Remember that your tongue is among the strongest muscles in your body. You may be tempted to suck with all your might and end up with a blood bath or worse make her never want sex with you ever again. Apply pressure on different parts of the vagina and looking at her to see whether she likes that or not. Use your full tongue and broaden it to cover the vagina.

The Clitoris is the Secret

Most guys assume that a girl is turned on and reaches orgasm when her vagina is touched directly. This is really not even close to being true. Dwell on the clitoris because it has all the nerve endings and causes the most pleasure to the woman. Thrusting your tongue in and out of her vagina is nice but your penis will do that when you get to it so let your tongue roll and suck the clitoris. Tease her by licking around it the take it into your mouth and suck it GENTLY then flicking your tongue as if you are French kissing it. Use your firm pointed tongue to ensure you apply the right amount of pressure.

Add Some Spices

Adding some spice to oral sex makes it that much more interesting. So do not be afraid to experiment with mints and warm and cold water. Chew the mint and then get down on her. The mint will give her a tingling sensation that will make her feel like she is about to reach the big O. Take warm water suck her then suck on an ice cube and lick her. It will make the whole experience fun for both of you and will increase the intensity of the pleasure for her.

The Benefits of Eliminating Cellulite from Your Body

cellulite-removal-1140720_640Cellulite is a natural part of life. It happens to a lot of women (and some men) as they get older and their metabolism slows down. While it is perfectly normal and not especially harmful, some people want to get rid of, or at least reduce it. There are some benefits to doing so.

Improving Self-Image

Having a healthy self-image is important even, as we age. People who have poor self-image, tend to be susceptible to mental illnesses like depression or eating disorders. It also makes you less likely to want to go out with friends (especially if they frequent the beach). If you consider cellulite a major problem, getting rid of it can improve your self-image and make you feel better.

Improving Circulation

Outside of making you feel, and look better, getting rid of cellulite also has benefits that are more than skin deep. One major cause of cellulite is poor blood circulation. While the cellulite itself is not a health risk on its own, poor circulation can be a major factor in more serious conditions. The process of getting rid of cellulite can improve blood circulation and improve your overall health.

Fringe Benefits

Cellulite, is at its core, fat. Though it very often can’t be removed by diet and exercise alone, the diet and exercise you conduct to get rid of it, carries a lot of benefits. Though you may find that the cellulite is only reduced, you’ll have completed other health goals. By drinking water instead of soft drinks, you’ll have cut down on sugar and lowered your blood pressure. By eating healthy, you’ll have cut down on fats and increased your intake of vitamins and minerals.

Cellulite can be troublesome. However, with the right diet, exercise, and treatments, you’ll find that you’ll have not only reduced cellulite, but a lot of other problems too.

Five Reasons Why Women Crave For Full Loads of Semen

bath-465577_640Lovemaking with ones partner is the best physical experience that a human being can ever get. Both men and women have their preferences and expectations from their partners when it comes to having sex. Normally, men love to give their partners a full load of semen after an extreme intercourse session. Women also love a treat of a full load as an epitome of love and satisfaction that makes the lovemaking even more pleasing and intense. In this article, we have pointed out five reasons why women aspire for a huge load from their partners.

Provides More Intimate Experience

Sex is one of the most intimate experiences that you can have with your partner. The experience is not exactly the way it is depicted in porn movies. Real interaction involves fears, inhibitions, anxiety, and insecurities. A deep physical connection can dispel all the negative feelings that you may have before an intercourse with your partner. Real sex is not like having a boner before the partner even touches and then having the pleasure of your life.
Real sex is almost never like that. Real life intercourse needs to be mutually enjoyable. Women want to make their partners feel special. They consider a full load of semen from their men as an indication of pleasure. A full load makes the experience more intimate. The more load a man has after an intercourse, the more pleasure and satisfaction he gets, making the sex more intimate and intense.

Women Consider Full Load As A Sign of Fertility

A woman who is in deep relationship with her man will look to please her partner in every possible way. A woman who is in deep love with her man will care for much more than just having an intercourse. They will care for every little aspect of their relationship. A full of semen makes a woman feel special as they treat a full load as a sign of deep love. Also, women treat full load to be a sign of fertility of their men. On top of that, orgasm is one of the most intense experiences that one can have. A full load of semen from the partners makes the orgasm even more enjoyable and special.

Women Love The Feeling of Sperm Release Deep Inside Them

Barring a few exception, most women love having their partners release deep inside them. To them, the feeling is the most intimate part of lovemaking. Taking the partner’s semen deep inside can be such a beautiful sensation that a woman can experience. The more semen a man will ejaculate inside, the more sensation a woman will get. The feeling is such that a part of the partner is going inside. The feeling is extremely heavenly. Women love to submit themselves completely to their men and take inside all of what their partners have. Therefore, there is no wonder why women prefer a big load inside them!

Full Load Makes Women Feel Complete

A full load of semen is the icing on the cake after a great lovemaking session. The perfect culmination that an intense sex can have is a full load of warm semen that will satisfy the woman and make her feel satisfied. A low semen count can make a woman feel incomplete even after a romantic intercourse. Moreover, women love the wet and hot feeling of their partner’s penis and crave for the moment during intercourse.

Women Also Have Their Own Fantasy

Last but not the least, women also have their own fantasy. With the emergence and spread of porn, fantasy develops among people regarding their sexual expectation from their partners. Normally, men are more attributed to have fantasy from their partners. But women do have their own. Almost every porn ends with a guy shooting huge loads on their partner. Thus, porn shapes up the expectation of a woman who is habituated to watching porn. Also, the amount of ejaculation is also seen as an indication of masculinity. Women also view a full load as sign of great effort with blowjob. A full load will make them feel like they did a great job of making their men excited and aroused during blowjob. A dribble of semen can be a big letdown for women as they might feel that all their efforts went in vain. Not every woman has the same preferences and liking when it comes to full semen load. However, the majority of women prefer their men to ejaculate a huge load inside them. They consider full load as a sign of deep love, fertility & masculinity of their men and as an indication of satisfaction.

Powerful Techniques to Masturbate and Finger a Girl

woman-781434_640Masturbation is an act of sexual self-pleasures popular as a one-man or one-woman act. It’s common amongst singles but those going through a sexual drought occasionally engage in it too. Fingering a girl on the other hand is of course common between two or more sexual partners.

It goes without saying that there are no laid down rules on how to go about masturbation or fingering but there are certain techniques that can help you perfect your game. If you engage in either of these acts then you already have some experience, if not, this article gives some valuable pointers on how to go about pleasuring yourself or fingering a girl.

The Ultimate Masturbation Technique

The intention of masturbation is just to achieve maximum pleasure coupled with powerful ejaculations. If you cum fast, try out this technique and you will not regret the results. The secret lies in cum control. To achieve this, stroke your shaft to a regular rhythm until the point of ejaculation, then stop and release your grip until the throbbing penis reverts to a limp state. This exact process repeated a few more times builds up a powerful ejaculation that leaves you quite satisfied.

Most men use different methods to wank and they are probably energy consuming and not that satisfying. If you have never wanked using your non-master hand, try it, you will definitely feel the difference and it also helps you under use your master hand. If that doesn’t work for you, try out both hands by using the index and middle fingers of both hands on the underside of your dick. Keep jacking using your thumbs on the top side and increase speed when about to cum.

Alternatively there are some common sex toys that can help you get there. If you can afford one, get it. They are hand-held devices and the top is shaped to replicate a vagina. The design is so effective that it stimulates the nerves of your erect penis giving you the feeling of an actual sexual encounter.

How To Finger A Girl And Read Signs

Foreplay is important to women and fingering is one such act that gets them wet. While on it, the focus points are mostly the clitoris and the g-spot. Stimulating the clitoris is a good way to start by just drawing soft circles with your finger and slowly increasing pressure. You can alternate by making repeat circles atop the vagina walls. As momentum peaks, use your second hand to finger her in come hither motions.

Using lubes in certain occasions is ideal if she has used them before or she cannot get wet easily. Lubes are chemical based so it’s advisable to use water-based lubes to minimize reactions.

Most importantly, when fingering a girl you need to ensure she is enjoying the moment. Do what she says and pay attention for what sparks her. Shaking legs, labored breaths and a tightening or clenching vagina are some obvious signs.